The About Page

Most websites for media companies and agencies have an ABOUT page that tells you all about them and why they think they are so great.

I think it’s poor example to follow.

Why should you care about them (or me) until you know if they (or me) can help you solve a problem, remove a hurdle, grow your business, or help increase your profits?

While you’ll certainly find some information about me and my company represented on this website (and why we think we can help you achieve your business and marketing goals), we strive to deliver those messages by sharing our client’s experiences and success stories (and whenever possible, directly from their own lips).

Websites should have an ABOUT YOU page

If you wish to receive the most value from the content, ideas, and services provided by Radio Caffeine, here are a few things that should be true about the most important person in the world (that’s you).

You are open to new ideas.

Ever heard the phrase “what got you here won’t get you there”?
That statement does a good job of summarizing the concept that what you did to achieve success in the past may not help you to hold on to your current success (or capture future glory). You understand this, and as a result your mind is open to input and ideas from everywhere. Your radar is always up for new and better ways of delivering value and results to your clients.

You are an action hero.

Many ideas need to be acted about when they are hot. Most opportunities are not lost through their attempt and failure, but through the failure to attempt them at all. As a decision maker, you have the ability to not just hear and recognize good ideas, but the ability to say YES and take the necessary steps to put those ideas into action.

You are an experienced advertiser.

You’re not new to media and advertising. You’ve placed ads in the past or perhaps even have campaigns currently running on one or more platforms like print, video, radio, digital. You understand consistency and clarity are key, and that an audience that takes action on your offers is a more important measurement than any other metric.

You are completely new to advertising.

This is a whole new world to you and you have no idea what you’re doing! Had you worried for a minute, right? The truth is, so much about advertising has changed over the last 10 years (and the last 10 days!) that you might actually have an advantage over more veteran advertisers because you don’t have to unlearn all the outdated tactics that used to work in the “old days” of media (10 days ago). All you know is that you need to bring more customers into your business and you thought you’d “give this advertising thing a try”.

You are ready to start.

Right here. Right now. You’re ready to move forward and take the first steps toward growing your business, increasing your profits, and achieving your goals. Take that first step by clicking here to schedule a completely free and no-obligation discovery session.