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TheyHeart Themselves More Than They Heart You

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RadioCaffeine absolutely believes in Radio as a marketing vehicle in all its forms -- streaming, apps, mobile, podcast, social, etc. -- but it doesn't believe IHeart Media (or any other traditional media company) is going to show more love to you (the employee) than they will show themselves (the owners). This latest revelation that IHeart is going to essentially let investors pay more money into their debt-ridden company in order to secure a better place in line to get repaid is pretty ludicrous. If a company like this -- the mega-corp of multimedia -- can't be trusted to manage their own business, [...]

Why your industry needs you now more than ever

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I'm scrolling through LinkedIn updates today and I run across a post by the Chief Technological Officer and Executive Vice President of the National Association of Broadcasters. I've shared the link below to his "exciting" announcement, but before you click over to it -- let me ask you a couple questions. Broadcast revenues have been falling for HOW many years? Digital revenues have been rising for HOW many years? On August 19, 2015 Same Mathey (the aforementioned CTO and Executive Vice President for the NAB) proudly launched a new blog "...where we will navigate the digital trends, technological challenges and innovations that impact [...]
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Finishing Strong Friday Prevents Clowning Around Monday

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The Decaffeinated media salesperson starts their weekend on Friday. They've been anxiously anticipating it all week; moaning about Monday... whining about Wednesday... it's a wonder (if) they got anything accomplished. The Caffeinated media rep knows every day of the week holds opportunity, but the actions taken on Friday can especially impact the kind of week they will have starting on Monday. Finishing strong on the last day of the week ensures you can start strong on the first day of the week. Weak sales reps have no idea what they are going to do when they get in the office on Monday. [...]

The Gaping Media Void

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Do you know who Hugh MacLeod is? Ever heard of Hugh MacLeod worked in the advertising industry long enough to develop the habits of drinking, smoking, and disillusionment. He used to spend nights sitting at a bar, drinking and drawing cartoons on the back of blank business cards. Many of the the cartoons evolved into a sort of sarcastic and dark philosophy of his professional. But from the resulting body of work came proof that even the darkest of places can give birth to light. Hugh began posting his drawings on his website along with his personal insights and observations [...]

The “About You” Page

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For this newly launched project, it was important to very specifically define who would get the most value from the content on Radio Caffeine. This site is devoted to the success of individual media advertising sales professionals -- with a slight lean toward radio broadcasting (what can we say? It's where we grew up!) The content is not especially designed for the media companies employing these sales reps. This information is intended to improve the individual careers of the reps themselves. With a mission so clearly defined as this (and so clearly not intended for just anyone), I thought it was important to include a page that profiled the ideal [...]

Auction-Based Ad Buying

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In a recent presentation to a state broadcast association, I mentioned that half of the salespeople in the room probably would be back next year because the commodity-based salespeople who only sell radio spots or digital ads at the lowest price would no long be needed; they would be replaced by something akin to "Buy Now with 1-Click" button. The truth turns out to be even closer than you can imagine -- and potentially more profitable for media companies than continuing to employ the lowest spot-rate sellers. In my version of the situation, I figured any station could set the [...]

Periscope for Sales Pros

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Marketing with Video should be a topic weighing heavily on your mind as a modern sales professional. Among the tools that most people are familiar with (or have at least bookmarked for future exploration) are YouTube, Instagram, maybe Vine, and (possibly) SnapChat. One brand new weapon in your video marketing arsenal should be Periscope. There are actually TWO new video tools; Periscope is one, and the other is Meerkat. They both provide virtually the same functionality, but the app Meerkat launched just a few days earlier than its biggest competitor Periscope. What edge Periscope ahead of the pack is the fact it has the power of [...]

The Cost of Being Ordinary vs. The Price of Being Extraordinary

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I have experienced some of the best and some of worst and some of the most incredibly average and ordinary service to be had (I bet you have too). It doesn't really take all that much effort to turn an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one. I linked three examples in the above paragraph to show you how the standard routine of taking a food order in a restaurant can be transformed, but what about the way YOU handle your media sales calls? Don't buy into the idea that just because you sell Radio (or Television or Print or Digital) that all [...]

How to be better than 90% of other salespeople

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Here are some statistics on how quickly most salespeople give up (chicken out!) on calling prospects... 50% give up after the first call 65% give up after the second call 80% give up after the third call 90% give up after four calls This means that all you need is FIVE strong real reasons of value to call back a prospect and you'll be better than 90% of everyone else in your field. No, calling (or more likely emailing) your prospect for the fifth time to "just follow-up on that proposal" or to "see if they had any questions" doesn't count. [...]

Famous (and Infamous) Radio Moments

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Here's a very cool interactive feature from Aljazeera featuring some of the world's most famous (and infamous!) radio moments -- complete with audio clips. While this version of the concept highlights globally significant radio moments, why not take this concept and apply it to your local station? This idea is perfect for any station celebrating a significant on-air anniversary for a show, on-air personality, or for the station itself. Has your News-Talk station been on the year for five years? Ten years? Why not create one of these features for your websites with audio clips highlighting especially interesting, earth-shaking, or humorous show [...]